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    Stomp The Yard

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    you know what constantly blew my mind as a child

    in movies when a character is looking straight into their reflection in a mirror


    how does the camera not show up in the mirror

    actually never mind about the whole “as a child” business i still haven’t figured this shit out

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  6. Don’t ever say I’m not a man of my word again.

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    Five Baby Capybaras Born at Zoo Berlin

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    There’s no end to the awesome things that people will do to their cars. Last week we saw a 1949 Cadillac covered in pennies; today we’re treated to a Volkswagen covered in scrummy popcorn. Minneapolis-based visual artist Jacob Aaron Schroeder thoroughly decorated what appears to an old VW Golf with the tasty snack food and displayed it at the Braunschweig University of Art in Braunschweig, Germany.

    To check out more of Schroeder’s artwork you can follow him here on tumblr at jacobaaronschroeder.

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    "i’ll be speaking with my lawyer" is the adult version of saying "im telling mom"

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    f,l,o,w,e,r,s Acrylic Ruler (2007) by Norihiko Terayama of Studio Note

    If the flowers in the paddy were spaced in equal intervals I could lie down in them and measure my height.” That was the simple, idyllic thought that led designer Norihiko Terayama to create what could very possibly be the single most stunning piece of stationary we have ever come across.

    f,l,o,w,e,r,s is an acrylic ruler embedded with real flowers that were hand-picked and then dried by the designer himself. Using a pair of tweezers he then meticulously spaced them so that they are “blossoming” at exactly 1cm intervals.


  12. "I spent like 10 years of my life pretending to fly around on a broomstick and you’re asking me if preparing for a love scene was ‘tricky’ because the other person also had a penis?"

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